K Crossgrove

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In Drosophila, all of the major metamorphic transitions are regulated by changes in the titer of the steroid hormone ecdysone. Here we examine how a key regulator of metamorphosis and primary ecdysone response gene, the Broad-Complex, transmits the hormonal signal to one of its targets, the Sgs-4 glue gene. We show that Broad-Complex RNAs accumulate in mid(More)
The 2B5 early puff locus corresponds to the Broad-Complex BR-C) and encodes a family of transcription factors whose members are induced by the molting hormone ecdysone. Mutations in the br subcomplementation group substantially reduce the levels of Dopa decarboxylase (DDC) in the epidermis of mature third instar larvae but not in mature second instar(More)
The ensemble of tissue-specific changes that drives Drosophila metamorphosis is initiated by the steroid hormone ecdysone and proceeds through a transcriptional cascade comprised of primary response transcriptional regulators and secondary response structural genes. The Broad-Complex (BR-C) primary response early gene is composed of several distinct genetic(More)
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