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Hot-electron temperature (Te) in InAlN/GaN highelectron-mobility transistors (HEMTs) was determined using electroluminescence spectroscopy as a function of gate voltage and correlated with the Te distribution determined by hydrodynamic simulations. Good agreement between measurement and simulations suggests that hot electrons can locally reach temperatures(More)
A Schottky-barrier normally off InAlN-based highelectron-mobility transistor (HEMT) with selectively etched access regions, high OFF-state breakdown, and low gate leakage is presented. Metal–organic chemical vapor deposition-grown 1-nm InAlN/1-nm AlN barrier stack is capped with a 2-nm-thick undoped GaN creating a negative polarization charge at a GaN/InAlN(More)
We investigate electrical properties of Ni/Al2O3/GaN metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) structures having different pre-treatment of GaN surface by O2, Ar and NH3, combined with various temperature of annealing. MOS and reference Ni/GaN Schottky contact are characterized using current–voltage and capacitance–voltage methods. MOS structures compared with the(More)
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