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M. Malek, M. Morii, S. Fukuda, Y. Fukuda, M. Ishitsuka, Y. Itow, T. Kajita, J. Kameda, K. Kaneyuki, K. Kobayashi, Y. Koshio, M. Miura, S. Moriyama, M. Nakahata, S. Nakayama, T. Namba, A. Okada, T. Ooyabu, C. Saji, N. Sakurai, M. Shiozawa, Y. Suzuki, H. Takeuchi, Y. Takeuchi, Y. Totsuka, S. Yamada, S. Desai, M. Earl, E. Kearns, M.D. Messier, J.L. Stone, L.R.(More)
The authors retrospectively reviewed 48 patients treated at Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) between 1986 and 1995. There were 35 children and 13 adults, accounting for 10.1% of 345 pediatric and 0.68% of 1914 adult brain tumors in SNUH during the same period. The 48 cases consisted of 33 cases of germ cell tumor (69%, GCT); 6 of pineoblastoma (PB,(More)
This paper introduces a novel fingerprint matching algorithm using both ridge features and the conventional minutiae feature to increase the recognition performance against nonlinear deformation in fingerprints. The proposed ridge features are composed of four elements: ridge count, ridge length, ridge curvature direction, and ridge type. These ridge(More)
 To clarify clinical features and to elucidate prognostic factors and prognosis, the authors retrospectively analyzed 16 cases of gliomatosis cerebri treated at Seoul National University Hospital between January 1988 and December 1995. Age at diagnosis ranged from 19 to 62 (median 34) years and male to female ratio was 10:6. Most presented with headache or(More)
This article documents the performance of the ATLAS muon identification and reconstruction using the LHC dataset recorded at √ s = 13 TeV in 2015. Using a large sample of J/ψ → μμ and Z → μμ decays from 3.2 fb−1 of pp collision data, measurements of the reconstruction efficiency, as well as of the momentum scale and resolution, are presented and compared to(More)
A search for squarks and gluinos in final states containing hadronic jets, missing transverse momentum but no electrons or muons is presented. The data were recorded in 2015 by the ATLAS experiment in √ s = 13 TeV proton–proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider. No excess above the Standard Model background expectation was observed in 3.2 fb−1 of(More)
Subependymoma is a rare, benign intraventricular tumour and a case of septum pellucidum origin examined with CT and MR is reported. Well demarcated non-enhancing mass with multiple small intratumoral cysts is demonstrated on CT and MR images. The differential diagnosis from ependymoma has some therapeutic implications but may not be possible by CT or MRI.