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Single-walled carbon nanotubes are readily observable in a scanning electron microscope, which traditional models fail to explain. We present an ab initio model to explain how the electron beam can interact with these structures despite the very small, nanoscale, interaction volume. In particular, we show how the electron beam can generate very strong(More)
The energy states of a particle confined in a narrow space are discrete and lined up in the order of n=1,2,3,.... However, if the particle interacts with a radiation field, modification of the energy, referred to radiative correction, will occur and quantum states are expected to interchange. We investigated the center-of-mass confinement of excitons in(More)
We investigated the characteristics of themally evaporated SnO2/Ag-Pd-Cu (APC)/SnO2 multilayer films for applications as damage-free, indium-free, flexible, and transparent electrodes for high performance flexible and transparent thin film heaters (TFHs). The top and bottom SnO2 layers and APC interlayer were prepared by a multi-source evaporation process,(More)
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