K Chantrel-Groussard

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Friedreich's ataxia (FRDA) results from a generalized deficiency of mitochondrial iron-sulfur protein activity ascribed to mitochondrial iron overload. However, iron overload appears to be a late event in the disease. Here we show that neither superoxide dismutases nor the import iron machinery was induced by an endogenous oxidative stress in FRDA patients'(More)
BACKGROUND Friedreich's ataxia is caused by a deficiency of frataxin, a protein involved in regulation of mitochondrial iron content. We have reported a combined deficiency of a Krebs-cycle enzyme, aconitase, and three mitochondrial respiratory-chain complexes in endomyocardial biopsy samples from patients with this disorder. All four enzymes share(More)
Mitochondrial respiratory chain defects involving cytochrome c oxidase (COX) are found in a clinically heterogeneous group of diseases, yet the molecular basis of these disorders have been determined in only a limited number of cases. Here, we report the clinical, biochemical and molecular findings in 17 patients who all had isolated COX deficiency and(More)
Iron is required in all organisms for crucial functions, as a number of proteins need iron for activity. Mutations of the genes encoding proteins involved in iron uptake, transport, and utilization result in various human disorders or animal models with very different clinical presentations and organ involvement. However, little is known concerning the(More)
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