K. Chandra sekhar

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  • K. Chandra sekhar, G. Tulasi Ram Das
  • 2006 International Conference on Power Electronic…
  • 2006
In this paper space vector modulation and multi level carrier based PWM for the 4-level inverter fed induction motor drive are presented. Four-level inversion can be achieved by connecting three two-level inverters in cascade. Three isolated power supplies with DC link voltages are required for the proposed circuit topology. The voltages constitute one(More)
This paper presents a five-level inverter for an open-end winding induction motor. Five-level inversion is achieved by feeding an open-end winding induction motor with a 3-level inverter from one end and a 2-level inverter from the other end of the motor. The 3-level inverter used in the proposed drive is realized by cascading two 2-level inverters. The(More)
A novel multilevel control structure for induction motor based on the Direct Torque Control (DTC) strategy using a Five-level Multi Point Clamped (MPC) Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) is presented. It is shown that the multilevel topology presents enough degrees of freedom to control both electromagnetic torque and stator flux with very low ripple and high(More)
In this paper, a new five-level inverter system for dual-fed induction motor drive is described. The dual-fed structure is realized by opening the neutral-point of the conventional squirrel cage induction motor. The five-level inversion is obtained by feeding the dual-fed induction motor with four-level inverter from one end and two-level inverter from the(More)
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