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Shannon information entropies in position and momentum spaces and their sum are calculated as functions of Z(2 < or = Z < or = 54) in atoms. Roothaan-Hartree-Fock electron wave functions are used. The universal property S = a + b ln Z is verified. In addition, we calculate the Kullback-Leibler relative entropy, the Jensen-Shannon divergence, Onicescu's(More)
We apply the statistical measure of complexity, introduced by López-Ruiz, Mancini, and Calbet (LMC), to uniform Fermi systems. We investigate the connection between information and complexity measures with the strongly correlated behavior of various Fermi systems as nuclear matter, electron gas, and liquid helium. We examine the possibility that LMC(More)
Three measures of the information content of a probability distribution are briefly reviewed. They are applied to fractional occupation probabilities in light nuclei, taking into account short-range correlations. The effect of short-range correlations is to increase the information entropy (or disorder) of nuclei, comparing with the independent particle(More)
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