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Every organization on the planet consisting of more than one person has already realized that their information technology infrastructure is effectively a distributed computing system. To integrate information assets and use information effectively, it must be accessible across the department, across the company, across the world and more importantly across(More)
A transmit-receiver (T/R) switch is fabricated in a 65 nm CMOS process for WLAN 802.11 g applications. By floating the triple well device, the switch achieves low insertion loss, high power handling capability and good linearity simultaneously. In the transmit mode, the switch features 0.8 dB insertion loss, 29 dBm output P1dB and less than 0.2 dB EVM(More)
A fully integrated CMOS direct-conversion 5 GHz transceiver is implemented in a 0.18 /spl mu/m digital CMOS process and housed in an LPCC-48 package. This chip, along with a companion baseband chip, provides a complete 802.11a solution covering all of the world-wide 4.92-5.845 GHz bands. The receiver achieves a 3.5 dB NF while the transmitter achieves a +23(More)
If ever clear instruction and close teamwork is needed, it is in the validation of manufacturing processes. All members of the Validation Team need to understand how the Quality Control testing fits into the overall validation work plan. This affords the team members the opportunity to understand how data will be used and avoids a situation where the test(More)
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