K. C. Sharma

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BACKGROUND Defining risk factors for central venous catheter (CVC)-associated bloodstream infections (BSIs) is critical to establishing prevention measures, especially for factors such as nurse staffing and antimicrobial-impregnated CVCs. METHODS We prospectively monitored CVCs, nurse staffing, and patient-related variables for CVC-associated BSIs among(More)
2 Acknowledgments Preparing this paper has been for me a marvellous opportunity to benefit from the thoughts, comments and guidance of a very large number of people. For their friendly and patient help, I wish to express my hearty thanks to: I owe even more to the many labourers, farmers, and Government officials who helped me during my field enquiries in(More)
Automobiles, construction, festivals, factories, stations, diesel shades, garages and workshops are sources of noise. Vehicles are increasing enormously beyond the carrying capacity of the road. Study was carried out at 12 locations with sound level meter to assess day time and night time noise levels of Lucknow city. In residential areas, noise ranged(More)
Few studies have measured patients' asthma medication compliance, medication costs, and insurance status. We used a questionnaire assessing details of asthma, medications used, patient costs, and methods used to reduce medication costs to assess these factors. Patients in outpatient clinics, emergency rooms, and inpatient units of two urban Chicago(More)
Annulated benzothiazoloquinazolines have been synthesized by a diversity oriented simple and convenient synthesis involving one-pot three-component reaction of substituted 2-aminobenzothiazoles with α-tetralone and aromatic/heteroaromatic aldehydes in ethanol in the presence of catalytic amount of triethylamine. The synthesized compounds have been(More)
Mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) is the second most important citrus crop worldwide. A total of 25 mandarin accessions collected from North, Central and North-Eastern regions of India, were evaluated for phenotypic and genotypic variations using morphological and random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSR) markers.(More)
An efficient in vitro protocol was standardized for Almond (Prunus dulcis) propagation using dormant axillary buds as explants. Explants were cultured on Murashige and Skoog (MS) and woody plant medium (WPM) supplemented with different concentration/combination(s) of phytohormones. MS basal medium showed lowest shoot induction and took longest duration for(More)
Viridibacillus arenosi strain IHB B 7171 identified based on 16S rRNA gene sequence produced colony forming units (cfu/ml) ranging from 3.3 × 104 to 1.2 × 1010 under pH 5–11, 2.2 × 102 to 1.4 × 1010 for temperature 5–40 °C, 2.4 × 102 to 1.1 × 1010 for PEG 6000 10–30%, 2.2 × 102 to 1.4 × 1010 for 2.5–10% NaCl, 3.1 × 103 to 1.7 × 109 for 2.5–7.5 mM CaCl2, 2.2(More)