K. C. Ravishankar

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Eighty-five patients with refractory transformed migraine type of chronic daily headache (CDH) had spinal tap as a part of diagnostic work-up. Twelve had increased intracranial pressure without papilledema, transient visual obscurations, or visual field defects. The headache profile of these 12 patients was not different from that of transformed migraine(More)
Our world is dominated by visual information and a tremendous amount of such information is being added day-by-day. It would be impossible to cope with this explosion of visual data, unless they are organized such that we can retrieve them efficiently and effectively. The main problem in organizing and managing such visual data is indexing, the assignment(More)
BACKGROUND With the widespread use of neuroimaging and hematological workup, many of the previously held concepts about cerebral sinus venous thrombosis (CSVT) are changing. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to investigate the risk factors, clinical profile, and outcome of the fully investigated cases of CSVT from a major university referral(More)
The social perception of headache, everywhere at low levels in industrialised countries, becomes totally absent in developing ones. Headache disorders came into the World Health Organization's strategic priorities after publication of the 2001 World Health Report. Among the leading causes of disability, migraine was ranked 19th for adults of both sexes(More)
With the recent launch of the joint Global Campaign to reduce the burden of headache by the World Headache Alliance (WHA), the International Headache Society (IHS), the European Headache Federation (EHF), and WHO, a welcome focus on the management of migraine is expected. Migraine management is influenced by numerous factors that are regionally different(More)
The task of sentiment analysis of reviews is carried out using manually built / automatically generated lexicon resources of their own with which terms are matched with lexicon to compute the term count for positive and negative polarity. On the other hand the Sentiwordnet, which is quite different from other lexicon resources that gives scores (weights) of(More)