K. C. Park

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The present paper reviews two complementary methods for model-based structural damage detection with applications. The theoretical basis of these two methods is a partitioned formulation of the equations of motion for structures and its application to localized structural system identification. The first method is based on the changes in the localized(More)
This paper presents a method for the derermination of the frequency response functions using thefast wavelet transform (FWT) as an alternative to the fast Fourier transform (FFT)-based method. After a brief description of underlying theory, a focus problem is used to examine the relative perjonnance between the FFT-based vs. the FWT-based procedures for(More)
We investigate the formulation and application of element-level, element-independent error indicators. Our research culminates in the development of an error indicator formulation which is derived based on the projection of element deformation onto the intrinsic element displacement modes. The qualifier 'dement-level' means that no information from adjacent(More)
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