K. C. O'Shaughnessy

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We examine the relationship between wages and skill requirements in a sample of over 50,000 managers in 39 companies between 1986 and 1992. The data include an unusually good measure of job requirements and skills that can proxy for human capital. We find that wage inequality increased both within and between firms from 1986 and 1992. Higher returns to our(More)
The weak acid uncoupler, carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone, carries protons across lipid membranes. As predicted by the carrier model, at low pH, the current changes immediately following a jump in applied potential and then remains constant. By contrast at high pH, the currents relax from an initial value to a lower value as the carrier anions(More)
The attention of both the research community and the popular press has begun to shift from a traditional focus on production jobs and toward management positions in part because of a perception that a fundamental change is underway in the management ranks. Unlike the temporary layoffs of production workers that were historically driven by business cycles,(More)
We have studied the diffractive dissociation into dijets of 500 GeV/c pions scattering coherently from carbon and platinum targets. Extrapolating to asymptotically high energies (where t(min)-->0), we find that when the per-nucleus cross section for this process is parametrized as sigma = sigma0Aalpha, alpha has values near 1.6, the exact result depending(More)
We study the Dalitz plot of the decay D(+)-->K(-)pi(+)pi(+) with a sample of 15090 events from Fermilab experiment E791. Modeling the decay amplitude as the coherent sum of known Kpi resonances and a uniform nonresonant term, we do not obtain an acceptable fit. If we allow the mass and width of the K(*)(0)(1430) to float, we obtain values consistent with(More)
We report the results of a search for the avor-changing neutral-current decays D + ! + + ? and D + ! + e + e ? in data from Fermilab charm hadroproduction experiment E791. No signal above background is found, and we obtain upper limits on branching fractions, B(D + ! + + ?) < 2 Flavor-changing neutral-current (FCNC) decays have played a major role in our(More)
From a sample of 848+/-44 D(+)(s)-->pi(-)pi(+)pi(+) decays, we find gamma(D(+)(s)-->pi(-)pi(+)pi(+))/gamma(D(+)(s)-->straight phipi(+)) = 0.245+/-0.028(+0.019)(-0.012). Using a Dalitz plot analysis of this three body decay, we find significant contributions from the channels rho(0)(770)pi(+), rho(0)(1450)pi(+), f(0)(980)pi(+), f(2)(1270)pi(+), and(More)
We report on the characterization of an AC-coupled, double-sided silicon strip detector, with fast binary readout electronics, in a pion beam before and after proton irradiation. The proton irradiation was non-uniform and to increase the damage the detector was heated to accelerate the antiannealing. The effective radiation level was about 1×1014 p/cm2.(More)