K. C. Lin

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Output feedback sliding mode control has received great research interests, due to it does not require full accessibility of states and increases the ability of practical implementation of sliding mode control. In this paper, a new approach of chattering-free OFSMC design is proposed by incorporating integral sign function control for general multi-input(More)
Rare earth metals are used in semiconductors, solar cells and catalysts. This review focuses on the background of oxide metallurgy technologies, the chemical and physical properties of rare earth (RE) metals, the background of oxide metallurgy, the functions of RE metals in steelmaking, and the influences of RE metals on steel microstructures. Future(More)
In the 20th century, flexible yarn was one of the most important discoveries in textile industry. It has characteristics in comfort, wrinkle resistance, elasticity, and good form-fitting. Therefore, the production of flexible fabric has become a focused publication since it was developed. The production processes of the flexible fabric are very complex.(More)