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Output feedback sliding mode control has received great research interests, due to it does not require full accessibility of states and increases the ability of practical implementation of sliding mode control. In this paper, a new approach of chattering-free OFSMC design is proposed by incorporating integral sign function control for general multi-input(More)
Cat Swarm Optimization Algorithm (CSO) is an optimization algorithm which proposed in 2006. Indicated by previous studies, CSO has good performance. We proposed a method to improve CSO and presenting a modified CSO named Harmonious-CSO (HCSO). The method is changing the concept of cat alert surroundings in seeking mode of CSO. We change the formula of(More)
The effective retrieval of reverent information often is quite useful to the user, for example, to query the respectful knowledge or information, especially for on-line e-leaner. The most common method is to make use of synonym and antonym from a dictionary with the most frequent terms. However, sometimes we are focusing on a pair of or a set of associated(More)
Grape is a very important product in India. In India, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the main contributors to the production of grapes. Out of the total production of grapes, 70 % is produced in Nashik district itself. However, vineyard farming in Nasik faces many threats. Downy mildew and mealy bug are the pests that create the most problems to(More)