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Tidal breathing flow-volume loops were recorded in 19 healthy newborn infants when awake and asleep. This preceded and followed measurements of passive lung mechanics (by single breath occlusion). Our aim was to evaluate possible differences in lung function due to state of arousal or any influence of the occlusion technique. Expiratory volumes and flow(More)
During four winter months 1989-90, two children died suddenly from asthma, and one suffered a life threatening attack. A 20 months old boy with moderately severe asthma, just recovered from an adenovirus infection, was symptom free at a routine consultation less than 12 hours before death. He died suddenly after a spell of coughing. A six year old girl with(More)
From 1980 through 1986 hospitalization of children because of obstructive airways disease has increased in the ten Norwegian counties studied. Most of the increase related to acute bronchiolitis and bronchitis among children under five years of age. The hospitalization rate is greater in urban than in rural areas, and greatest in Oslo, the capital of(More)
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