K. C. Gangadhar

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The present paper is to investigate the combined effect of the free convective heat and mass transfer on the unsteady two-dimensional boundary layer flow over a stretching vertical plate in the presence of heat generation/absorption, and soret and dufour effects. The flow is subject to magnetic field normal to the plate. The governing nonlinear partial(More)
Steady laminar natural convection over a semi-infinite moving vertical plate in the presence of internal heat generation, viscous dissipation and a convective surface boundary condition in a porous medium is examined in this paper. It is assumed that the left surface of the plate is in contact with a hot fluid while the cold fluid on the right surface of(More)
Water samples were collected from three selected mangrove ecosystems of Kali Estuary west coast Karwar, on monthly basis and analyzed for various hydrographic parameters. The present work would give the recent information on the hydrographic condition of the mangrove ecosystem of Kali estuary. Surface water temperature varied from 27.4 to 32.07 °C and the(More)
Histiocytic disorders (HDs) are a diverse group of diseases characterized by pathologic infiltration of normal tissues by cells of the mononuclear phagocyte system. The spectrum of these diseases ranges from treatable infectious diseases to rapidly progressive, life-threatening conditions. Although they are rare and difficult diagnoses, HDs can be diagnosed(More)
“Acute abdomen” includes spectrum of medical and surgical conditions ranging from a less severe to life-threatening conditions in a patient presenting with severe abdominal pain that develops over a period of hours. Accurate and rapid diagnosis of these conditions helps in reducing related complications. Clinical assessment is often difficult due to(More)
Gynecological malignancies are a leading cause of mortality and morbidity in women and pose a significant health problem around the world. Currently used staging systems for management of gynecological malignancies have unresolved issues, the most important being recommendations on the use of imaging. Although not mandatory as per the International(More)
Disseminated cysticercosis is a rare form of cysticercosis in which the cysticerci spread throughout the body. We describe the case of a seven-year-old child with disseminated cysticercosis. He presented with a one month history of swelling of the whole body, unable to walk for one month and swelling of both eyes for 20 days. After extensive investigation(More)
Skull tumors comprise a wide variety of entities, ranging from chronic inflammatory disease to primary and secondary neoplasms. There is no valid incidence or data about the incidence of skull tumors in general. Primary malignant skull tumors are rare, with most articles reporting single cases. We would discuss some of the frequent tumors in this group and(More)