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This paper applies Dixit-Grossman-Helpman's (1994, 1997) common agency model to investigate the formation of export subsidy and import tariff in the presence of interest groups and imperfect competition. The results of this paper indicate that even with political pressure, the Dixit-Grossman-Helpman politically determined export subsidy is identical to the(More)
At a follow-up study of 385 patients with epilepsy beginning under age 15, 22 (5.7%) had died during the first 10 years after the onset of epilepsy and another 11 (2.9%) between 11 and 24 years. Mortality was significantly high in cases with the following clinical features: (1) epilepsy with onset before the first birthday (mortality being 25.5%), (2)(More)
This paper examines the determinants of FDI from U.S. and Japan in China using the provincial data set from 1991 to 1997. The results of the regression analyses are further compared to those of the aggregated FDI as a benchmark case. The study found various similarities and differences in the importance and the magnitudes of the determinants of FDI among(More)
This paper compares and contrasts the determinants of outward foreign direct investment from the People's republic of China (PrC) with those of outward foreign direct investment from Japan, republic of Korea, and Taipei,China. The paper examines descriptively and econometrically the motives and factors behind the investment abroad from these four Asian(More)
This paper examines the locational choices of Hong Kong and U.S. direct investments (DI) in China using a regional data set from 1990 to 1999. The results of the panel regressions show that there are various similarities and differences in the significance and the magnitudes of the determinants of DI between these two sources. Local GDP significantly(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the profile and referral pattern of patients attending an out-patient pain management service in Hong Kong. DESIGN Prospective cross-sectional survey. SETTING Regional public hospitals, Hong Kong. PATIENTS All patients attending out-patient pain management clinics in the New Territories East public hospitals between 1 September(More)
Empirical evidence suggests that international trade ‡ows take increasingly the form of intra-rather than inter-industry trade. So far, however, the literature has not addressed the environmental impact of trade liberalization in the context of two-way trade. The purpose of this paper is to …ll this gap and to show that under oligopolistic competition, the(More)