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The layer assignment problem for interconnect is the problem of determining which layers should be used for wiring the signal nets. The objective of the layer assignment problem in general is to minimize the number of vias required. Thus, it is also referred to as the via minimization problem. In a via minimization problem, if the topology of the given(More)
A new field of robotics is emerging. Robots are today moving towards applications beyond the structured environment of a manufacturing plant. They are making their way into the everyday world that people inhabit. The paper focuses on models, strategies, and algorithms associated with the autonomous behaviors needed for robots to work, assist, and cooperate(More)
The objective of the via minimization is to assign wire segments into different layers to minimize the number of vias required. Several algorithms have been proposed for the Constrained Via Minimization (CVM) problem where the topology of the given layout is fixed. In a CVM problem, some vias may be “essential” to the given layout. That is, they(More)