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UNLABELLED Rhinophyma is an irregular and progressive nasal hypertrophy, due to hyperplasia and fibrosis of the sebaceous glands and surrounding soft tissues. Its etiology is unknown. Its psychosocial, functional, and esthetic consequences may be severe. It is rare in the black African population. We present a case of glandular rhinophyma in a 70-year-old(More)
Extravasation injuries are common complications that occur during infusion for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes by the peripheral or central venous catheters. In pediatric settings, iatrogenic extravasations are serious. When they are viewed late, they are sources of functional sequelae. The purpose of this study was to report our experience with the(More)
UNLABELLED The keloid scar is a thick skin or the cornea of man, due to excessive accumulation of type I collagen in the dermis. Morbidity of the keloid is high, given the frequent recurrences and unpredictable. African blacks and Asians are most affected. The purpose of this study was to analyze the results of treatment of 149 cases of keloids and discuss(More)
INTRODUCTION Giant congenital pigmented nevi are benign melanocytic tumors. The lesion transformation to a malignant melanoma is a rare but severe condition. Treatment is complex and often difficult. The purpose of this study was to analyze the results and discuss the contribution of expansion technique in the treatment of giant nevi of the cephalic(More)
The keloid scar is a fibrous skin tumor, intradermal, and exuberant. It is commonly found on the glabrous skin. The keloid of the palms and soles are rare. Small series are reported in English literature. The authors report a case of large keloids located on both palms and soles, within a context of keloid disease, in a man of 37 years. On the left hand,(More)
Two cases of juvenile gigantomastia treated by reduction mammaplasty with nipple-areola complex graft. Juvenile gigantomastia or virginal hypertrophy is a volume anomaly of breast of the teenager. It is unsightly. But often, it is pain, impaired spinal posture and the shoulder girdle and the psychological effects that bring the teenager to make an(More)
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After the demise of the Socialists Economic System, the emergence of Islamic Economic System become immense and appreciated by both Muslim as well as Non-Muslim scholars. Institutions of Islamic Banking, Islamic Insurance and Islamic Pawn Shop (al-Rahnu) are well accepted. One important subject in investment is on the aspect of Islamic Capital Market.(More)
UNLABELLED The hands of "blast" resulting from the handling of unstable explosives. Their repercussion is functional and vital in trauma patients. The authors report their experience of care from the hands of blast in precarious health situation. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between 2001 and 2012, 33 hand blasts were supported in 30 injured civilians and(More)
UNLABELLED Rhinoscleroma is a chronic granulomatous respiratory tract disease. The initial lesion site is often intra-nasal. Giant tumor presentations are rare. The authors report a case of extensive nasal rhinoscleroma. OBSERVATION A 35-year-old African male patient consulted for a large tumor of the nose. The tumor had appeared 25 years before; the(More)
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