K. Bult

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A 4th-order Butterworth lowpass continuous-time lter, based on transconductance-C integrators, for applications in the video-frequency range is presented. Fabricated in a standard 0.8m CMOS technology MOSIS HPCMOS26G, the circuit occupies an area of 0.59mm 2 , including the automatic tuning circuitry, and dissipates 40-mW from a single 5V supply. A simple(More)
1996 ii The thesis of Brett Alan Warneke is approved. Figure 3-7 Cross-sectional diagram of an aluminum trace running between oxide plates and contacting a polysilicon piezoresistor. The oxide and first metal overetch into the silicon substrate causes the trace Figure 3-8 SEM of a Skeleton Crew accelerometer with bond wires providing 9.6 µgm of additional(More)
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