K Brozyński

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Gastrin influences polyamine synthesis in the enterocytes, which can lead to increased DAO activity. In diabetics with autonomic neuropathy (AN), a higher than normal gastrin concentration was found. However, in diabetics with enteropathy, a low level of plasma DAO activity was discovered. The purpose of this study was to investigate gastrin secretion and(More)
Diamine oxidase (DAO) is an enzyme found almost exclusively in the enterocyte of the villous tips. In the basal state plasma DAO activity is low but increases significantly after i.v. injection of heparin. It is well recognised that postheparin plasma activity of DAO reflects clearly the integrity of the small bowel mucosa. The aim of this study was to(More)
The most important causes of hyperglycaemia in the course of diabetes mellitus type 2 are discussed. Those include: insulin secretion disorders, resistance to the insulin and overproduction of glucose in the liver. Affected secretory function of B cells in the pancreatic islets results, first of all, from the primary genetic error and secondary regulatory(More)
The interscapular brown adipose tissue in male, white Wistar rats in the 1,3,6,15,30, and 60th day of regeneration of adrenals after their enucleation weas investigated. The tissue slides were stained with H and E, with Masson's triple stain and with Sudan B. The activity of the following dehydrogenses was evaluated: Succinic dehydrogenase, delta 5,3(More)
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