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Three-dimensional (3D) femtosecond laser direct structuring in transparent materials is widely used for photonic applications. However, the structure size is limited by the optical diffraction. Here we report on a direct laser writing technique that produces subwavelength nanostructures independently of the experimental limiting factors. We demonstrate 3D(More)
Preceding civilizations succeeded in transmitting their cultural heritage, using fi rst stone and then paper as storage media. Paradoxically, our numerical civilization, which produces a lot more information and knowledge, has not answered this challenge yet. Current magnetic and optical recording media have improved in terms of storage capacity and access(More)
Matthieu Bellec,† Arnaud Royon,† Kevin Bourhis,‡ Jiyeon Choi,‡,§ Bruno Bousquet,† Mona Treguer,‡ Thierry Cardinal,‡ Jean-Jacques Videau,‡ Martin Richardson,§ and Lionel Canioni*,† Centre de Physique Moléculaire Optique et Hertzienne, UMR 5798 CNRS, UniVersité de Bordeaux, 351 cours de la Libération, 33405 Talence Cedex, France, Institut de Chimie de la(More)
We demonstrate that direct femtosecond laser writing in silver-containing zinc and gallium phosphate glass enables generation of three-dimensional (3D) optical second-order nonlinear microstructures having an χ(2) value about 2.5 times that of quartz. The proposed physical model involves photo-reduction, photo-dissociation, and migration of silver species(More)
Thermal stress at 100 C for more than 3168 h of a fluorescent optical memory composed of laser written silver nano clusters embedded in glass has been performed. Measurements of luminescence spectra have been carried out at different times, showing a decreasing and an increasing evolution of the red and the blue part of the spectrum, respectively. This(More)
17 The effect of P2O5 and/or Al2O3 addition in Er-doped borosilicate glasses on the physical, 18 thermal, optical and luminescence properties is investigated. The changes in these glass properties 19 are related to the glass structure modifications induced by the addition of P2O5 and/or Al2O3, which 20 were probed by FTIR, 11 B MAS NMR and X-ray(More)
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