K. Bos

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Sorting of proteins destined for different plasma membrane domains, lysosomes and secretory pathways takes place in the trans-Golgi network (TGN). TGN38 is an integral membrane protein found in this intracellular compartment. We show that TGN38 contains an autonomous targeting signal within its cytoplasmic domain which determines its intracellular location.(More)
The purpose of this study was to quantify 3-dimensional (3-D) in vivo scaphoid kinematics during flexion-extension motion (FEM) and radial-ulnar deviation (RUD) of the hand. The right wrists of 11 healthy volunteers were imaged by spiral computed tomography during RUD and 5 of those wrists also during FEM. With a matching technique, relative translations(More)
OBJECTIVE To show whether a difference in fine motor control exists between patients with chronic, undiagnosed wrist pain (CUWP) and healthy controls. Furthermore, a method to assess fine motor function of the wrist is evaluated. DESIGN A case-control study. SETTING The Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. SUBJECTS Twenty-seven CUWP(More)
The purpose of this study was to quantify in vivo pisiform kinematics. Wrists of healthy volunteers were imaged by spiral computed tomography during ulnar-radial deviation (n = 11) and during flexion-extension (n = 5). Relative translations and rotations of the carpal bones were determined by using a 3-dimensional matching technique. The error of this(More)
A proper modeling of human motions plays a crucial rule for many motion processing tasks. In particular, models for the automatic classification of elementary motion phases are highly important for the interaction between man and machine. In this work, we present different approaches for this modeling task based on neural networks and hidden Markov models.(More)
Workpackage 8 of the European Datagrid project was formed in January 2001 with representatives from the four LHC experiments, and with experiment independent people from five of the six main EDG partners. In September 2002 WP8 was strengthened by the addition of effort from BaBar and D0. The original mandate of WP8 was, following the definition of short-and(More)
In preparation for first data at the LHC, a series of Data Challenges, of increasing scale and complexity, have been performed. Large quantities of simulated data have been produced on three different Grids, integrated into the ATLAS production system. During 2006, the emphasis moved towards providing stable continuous production, as is required in the(More)
Dietary fat intake, with special emphasis on dairy products, was estimated from questionnaires for 42 underweight, 80 normal weight, and 64 overweight adult women. Frequency of consumption of fresh and processed meats, frozen dairy desserts, pastries, and snacks such as potato chips was greater for the overweight than for the underweight subjects. However,(More)