K. Bommanna Raja

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The objective of this work is to develop and implement a computer-aided decision support system for an automated diagnosis and classification of ultrasound kidney images. The proposed method distinguishes three kidney categories namely normal, medical renal diseases and cortical cyst. For the each pre-processed ultrasound kidney image, 36 features are(More)
The objective of this work is to provide a set of most significant content descriptive feature parameters to identify and classify the kidney disorders with ultrasound scan. The ultrasound images are initially pre-processed to preserve the pixels of interest prior to feature extraction. In total 28 features are extracted, the analysis of features value(More)
The objective of this work is to classify few important kidney categories by characterizing the tissues of kidney region using the unique power spectral features with ultrasound as imaging modality. The images are acquired from male and female subjects of age 45 +/- 15 years. Three kidney categories namely normal, medical renal diseases and cortical cyst(More)
The Steganography used to transport information from one place to other place through public channel in covert way. In this paper we propose Hybrid domain Steganography using BPS, LSB and IWT (HSBLI). The payload is decomposed into two equal parts say part 1 and part 2. The cover and payload (PL) part 1 pixel intensity value are observed and if intensity(More)
An effort has been made to test the potential of principal component analysis (PCA) method for quantifying and classifying the ultrasound kidney images. For our analysis two different classes of kidney images namely normal (NR) and medical renal diseases (MRD) are considered. The eigen values and vectors are derived for a set of 40 images. The weight(More)
In this paper we propose an algorithm based on fuzzy threshold and clustering segmentation for different plant analysis. Segmentation of the plant from background objects is a challenging task for different plant leaf recognition and classification. Before applying the proposed method pre-processing technique like image conversion, noise reduction by median(More)
The fingerprint is a physiological trait used to identify a person. In this paper, Performance Evaluation of Fingerprint Identification based on DCT and DWT using Multiple Matching Techniques (FDDMM) is proposed. The fingerprint is segmented into four cells of each size 150*240. The DCT is applied on each cell. The Harr Wavelet is applied on DCT coefficient(More)
An iris is unique physiological biometric trait compared to other biological traits to authenticate a person. In this paper we propose straight line fusion based iris recognition using Adaptive Histogram Equalization (AHE), Histogram Equalization (HE) and Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT). The CASIA V.I iris database is considered and horizontal iris(More)