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Bioluminescent marine bacteria of the species Vibrio fischeri are the specific light organ symbionts of the sepiolid squid Euprymna scolopes. Although they share morphological and physiological characteristics with other strains of V. fischeri, when cultured away from the light organ association the E. scolopes symbionts depress their maximal luminescence(More)
Vibrio fischeri is the specific light organ symbiont of the sepiolid squid species Euprymna scolopes and Euprymna morsei. Both species of squid are luminescent by virtue of their bacterial symbionts, but the natural symbionts of E. scolopes do not produce visible luminescence in laboratory culture. The primary cause of this depressed luminescence by E.(More)
System Dynamics modeling techniques are applied to examine underlying dynamics affecting corporate tax department operations. Focusing on the complex work process of collecting data to make " book to tax adjustments, " a model is constructed that illuminates the cause and effect impact on tax department performance of having errors in collected data, and of(More)
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