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A computer program named TRIAC written in MATLAB has been developed for track recognition and track parameters measurements from images of the Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors CR39. The program using image analysis tools counts the number of tracks for dosimetry proposes and classifies the tracks according to their radii for the spectrometry of(More)
The fuzzy min-max neural network constitutes a neural architecture that is based on hyperbox fuzzy sets and can be incrementally trained by appropriately adjusting the number of hyperboxes and their corresponding volumes. Two versions have been proposed each one suitable for supervised and unsupervised learning respectively. In this paper a modiied approach(More)
A computer program named TRIAC II written in MATLAB and running with a friendly GUI has been developed for recognition and parameters measurements of particles' tracks from images of Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors. The program, using image analysis tools, counts the number of tracks and depending on the current working mode classifies them according to(More)
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