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Despite its high potential in energy storage, the safety of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies is still not perceived on the same level compared to traditional fossil fuels by the wider public. To increase the market readiness, the field of Hydrogen Safety Engineering is focused on the definition of suitable models that will ultimately lead to the(More)
A didactic approach into teaching model-driven software development (MDSD) is proposed in this paper. The main idea is to focus on conveying underlying concepts, rather than managing a concrete tool or presenting a purely theoretical approach, when teaching MDSD. This objective shall be reached by the development of a simple code generator by the students.(More)
Micro and Nano Technologies (MNT) are potential economic engines that have the capability to become the basis for regional and national job and wealth creation. Some have even suggested that MNT along with information technology and media form the basis of a new Schumpeterian or Kondratief wave. Many governments recognizing MNT as enabling technologies with(More)
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