K. Bianka Seres

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Fertilization-induced cytoplasmic flows are a conserved feature of eggs in many species. However, until now the importance of cytoplasmic flows for the development of mammalian embryos has been unknown. Here, by combining a rapid imaging of the freshly fertilized mouse egg with advanced image analysis based on particle image velocimetry, we show that(More)
Cord blood stem cells have been in routine clinical practice for the past 20 years. The development of new therapeutic protocols in regenerative medicine require the use of stem cells and umbilical cord blood is an important and readily available source of cells for these applications. The latest concepts in routine transplantation of cord blood are(More)
BACKGROUNDHepatitis C viral (HCV) infection is the leading cause of death due to liver disease in the United States. Currently, pegylated interferon and ribavirin produce sustained viral remission in only 50% of patients. Additional agents are needed to increase the cure rate. In vitro experiments show strong antiviral effects of fluvastatin against(More)
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