K. Bhuvaneswari

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Large cities with fleet of vehicles require a system to determine location of movement of passenger vehicles at a given time. Vehicle tracking systems can be used in theft prevention, retrieval of lost vehicles, providing trafric-oriented services on lanes. The Vehicle tracking systems VETRAC enables vehicle drivers or any third party to track the location(More)
— A major problem of classification learning is the lack of ground-truth labeled data. It is usually expensive to label new data instances for training a model. To solve this problem, domain adaptation in transferring learning has been proposed to classify target domain data by using some other source domain data, even when the data may have different(More)
In this paper, a new seven level reduced switch count inverter is introduced for BLDC Motor. In conventional H-bridge multilevel inverter to produce a seven level twelve number of switches are used. Due to involvement of high number of switches thereby the harmonics, switching losses, cost and the total harmonics distortion is increased. This proposed(More)
In this paper contextual string grammar model is extended to a two dimensional array grammar model, called contextual iso-triangular array grammar. Membrane computing is a computational model and in which P system is its device. It is a cell like structure model. We continue the study of linking these two areas by introducing contextual iso triangular array(More)
Remote sensing data provide valuable information in studying and understanding object and its environment on earth. With its synoptic view and repetitive coverage under uniform illumination, remote sensing plays a significant role in extracting information, especially for coastal environment and its ecosystem. In the present paper, inherent spectral(More)
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