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IGF-II is a polypeptide growth factor with growth and differentiation promoting activities, involved in human development. We have reported previously IGF-II mRNA and peptide overexpression in primary human colon cancers. Here we show that the IGF-II peptide content is increased in six primary colon cancers compared to the corresponding healthy tissues. The(More)
The process of lymphocyte trafficking is mainly regulated by receptors that belong to a group of molecules referred to as adhesion molecules. These molecules can be divided, according to their molecular structure, into three broad families: the integrins; the selectins; and the immunoglobulin superfamily members. The alpha 4 beta 7 integrin is expressed on(More)
The expression of members of the IGF system in a mesothelioma from a patient suffering from hypoglycemia, in term placenta and HT29 colon adenocarcinoma cells were compared. Very high levels of IGF-II mRNA and protein were detected in the mesothelioma. Moreover, half of the IGF-II protein took the high-molecular-weight form. We also analyzed the parental(More)
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