K. Baskaran

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Prediction of annual rice production in all the 31 districts of Tamilnadu is an important decision for the Government of Tamilnadu. Rice production is a complex process and non linear problem involving soil, crop, weather, pest, disease, capital, labour and management parameters. ANN software was designed and developed with Feed Forward Back Propagation(More)
To address the problem of outlier detection in wireless sensor networks, in this paper we propose a robust principal component analysis based technique to detect anomalous or faulty sensor data in a distributed wireless sensor network with a focus on data integrity and accuracy problem. The main key features are that it considers the correlation existing(More)
Recent technology in wireless communication has enabled the development of low-cost sensor networks. Sensors at different locations can generate streaming data, which can be analyzed in real-time to identify events of interest. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) usually have limited energy and transmission capacity, which cannot match the transmission of a(More)
Face recognition has been an important issue in computer vision and pattern recognition over the last several decades. While a human can recognize faces easily, automated face recognition remains a great challenge in computer-based automated recognition research. One difficulty in face recognition is how to handle the variations in expression, pose, and(More)
Recent technical advancements in computing and wireless communication technology allowed the realization of Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs), which provides promising opportunities in health care diagnosis and management. The patient related data generated from WBAN is often stored in a distributed manner and there is always a demand for context aware,(More)