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The tobacco specific nitrosamine 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (NNK) is a potent carcinogen in laboratory animals. In the present study, in vitro transformation of spontaneously immortal hamster pancreatic duct cells following exposure to 20 mM NNK for 1,3,5 and 7 days is described. NNK imparted a dose-dependent and time-dependent toxicity(More)
Applying the chemical shift prediction programs SHIFTX and SHIFTS to a data base of protein structures with known chemical shifts we show that the averaged chemical shifts predicted from the structural ensembles explain better the experimental data than the lowest energy structures. This is in agreement with the fact that proteins in solution occur in(More)
This paper deals with the use of the integrated circuit electromagnetic model (ICEM) to analyze, predict, and optimize auto compatibility and electromagnetic emission at PCB level. ICEM is currently under standardization process (IEC62014-3). The basic ICEM architecture is composed of a power distribution network model and an internal current source(More)
The angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor captopril inhibits mitosis in several cell types that contain ACE and renin activity. In the present study, we evaluated the effect of the ACE inhibitors captopril and CGS 13945 (10(-8) to 10(-2) M) on proliferation and gene expression in hamster pancreatic duct carcinoma cells in culture. These cells lack(More)
Metabolism of 14C labeled N-nitrosobis(2-oxopropyl)amine (BOP), N-nitroso(2-hydroxypropyl)(2-oxopropyl)amine (HPOP) and N-nitrosobis(2-hydroxypropyl)amine (BHP) by pancreatic duct cells in culture involves the following two pathways: reduction or oxidation reactions at the beta-carbon which result in the inter-conversion of these nitrosamines and activation(More)
AF4 is the 4q21 gene involved in the acute lymphoblastic leukemia associated t(4;11)(q21;q23) where it forms a fusion gene with MLL. In order to gain insight into AF4's role in leukemogenesis we have studied its functional domains and expression pattern during murine development. We have cloned the murine homolog, Af4. We have demonstrated that 5' half of(More)
Digital watermarking is the process of hiding information into a digital signal to authenticate the contents of digital data. There are number of watermarking algorithm implemented in software and few in hardware. This paper discusses the implementation of robust invisible binary image watermarking algorithm in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and(More)
A problem often encountered in multidimensional NMR-spectroscopy is that an existing chemical shift list of a protein has to be used to assign an experimental spectrum but does not fit sufficiently well for a safe assignment. A similar problem occurs when temperature or pressure series of n-dimensional spectra are to be evaluated automatically. We have(More)