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Improving a tropical cyclone's forecast and mitigating its destructive potential requires knowledge of various environmental factors that influence the cyclone's path and intensity. Herein, using a combination of observations and model simulations, we systematically demonstrate that tropical cyclone intensification is significantly affected by(More)
Two models have been proposed to account for the molecular mechanism underlying genomic imprinting of the insulin-like growth factor II receptor gene (Igf2r): expression-competition and promoter DNA methylation. To examine which model best explains the regulation of Igf2r imprinting, we examined the allelic expression of endogenous Igf2r sense and antisense(More)
The changes in extreme rainfall associated with a warming climate have drawn significant attention in recent years. Mounting evidence shows that sub-daily convective rainfall extremes are increasing faster than the rate of change in the atmospheric precipitable water capacity with a warming climate. However, the response of extreme precipitation depends on(More)
The intense sea surface temperature cooling caused by tropical cyclone-induced mixing lasts several weeks and may thus influence a later cyclone passing over it. Using a 28 year analysis spanning the North Atlantic, eastern Pacific, and Northwest Pacific, we systematically demonstrate that, on average, when tropical cyclones encounter lingering wakes, they(More)
Super typhoons (STYs), intense tropical cyclones of the western North Pacific, rank among the most destructive natural hazards globally. The violent winds of these storms induce deep mixing of the upper ocean, resulting in strong sea surface cooling and making STYs highly sensitive to ocean density stratification. Although a few studies examined the(More)
This investigation describes a part of the ongoing activities in the advanced semiconductor materials and packaging collaboration with SPEL Semiconductor Ltd. The aim of the investigation was to generate 3D models of the IC packages, 8L and 12L (8 pin and 12 pin configurations) micro dual leadless moulded packages (μDLMP) in pro-engineer and conduct the(More)
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