K Bakshandeh

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In 221 patients (0.48% of hospital admissions) with hydatid disease (122 female and 99 males), 81% had single and 19% multiple organs involved. Lungs, liver and spleen as single sites of echinococcosis together represented 83.24% of cases and the liver alone represented 95.24% of instances with multiple organ involvement. One hundred seventy-nine single and(More)
Two cases of coccidioidomycosis detected in a group of more than 750 renal transplants are presented. The first patient died from unsuspected disseminated coccidioidomycosis 4 1/2 years after primary transplantation and 6 days after retransplantation. In the second patient pulmonary coccidioidomycosis was recognized and treated by lobectomy and amphotericin(More)
A patient with tuberous sclerosis presented with renal failure secondary to bilateral angiomyolipoma. The angiomyolipoma was associated with polycystic disease and a foci of renal cell carcinoma. This unusual combination has not been reported previously, although each entity has been described separately in tuberous sclerosis.
Thirty per cent of 50 consecutive patients with end stage renal disease were found to have vesicoureteral reflux. This finding is at variance with the usually published etiologies of end stage renal disease. Forty per cent of the patients with reflux had no history to suggest the presence of this entity. The clinical importance of reflux in the(More)
Of 128 patients who had insertion of a Small-Carrion prosthesis, 36 were diabetic. The insertion of a penile prosthesis in diabetic patients proved to be safe, without increased incidence of infection or rejection of the prosthesis, provided diabetes is under good control before operation. Cystoscopy and cystometrogram are necessary to exclude any possible(More)
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