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Receptor potentials of single hair cells in the free-standing region of the basilar papilla of the anaesthetized alligator lizard were measured intracellularly with micropipettes. Stimuli were primarily acoustic pulses (clicks) delivered to the tympanic membrane. The receptor potential was independent of click repetition rate for the range 10-150 clicks/s.(More)
1. Acoustic clocks were delivered to the tympanic membrane of anesthetized alligator lizards, and electric responses were measured within the free-standing region of the cochlea using glass micropipettes. Responses were recorded intracellularly in supporting cells and extracellularly in the receptor organ and in the scalae. Gross responses were also(More)
Russell and Sellick (Russell, I.J. and Sellick, P.M. (1978): J. Physiol. (London) 284, 261-290) reported measurements in guinea pig inner hair cells of d.c. resistance and d.c. potential changes in response to tones delivered to the tympanic membrane. They reported that d.c. potential changes were proportional to d.c. resistance changes for a broad range of(More)
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