K B Lundin

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BACKGROUND The androgen receptor (AR) is frequently expressed in breast cancers. The AR genotype may affect disease-free survival and response to endocrine therapy. METHODS In all, 634 women undergoing breast cancer surgery between 2002 and 2008 were followed until 30 June 2010. Six haplotype-tagging single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the AR, and the(More)
The functional role of the GGN repeat in the human androgen receptor gene is unknown, although mutations in this region have been found in patients with inter-sex conditions. We have investigated the prevalence of GGN mutations in the androgen receptor in the Swedish population and their relation to male reproductive function. A physical examination and(More)
Superior androgen receptor (AR) function in subjects carrying a GGN repeat length of 23 (GGN23) has been indicated in vivo. Therefore, the activity of the AR carrying GGN23 combined with CAG22 was compared to the AR with GGN10, 24 and 27, respectively, in the presence of 0.1-100 nM testosterone or DHT. At 100 nM DHT, GGN24 showed 35% lower transactivating(More)
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