K B Fitzhugh-Bell

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Parental stress and parental perception of children's behavioural problems were determined for 25 caretakers of children with closed head injury. Compared to normative samples a greater proportion of parents in this study were more stressed, and thought that their children were more behaviourally impaired. In contrast to previous studies, injury severity(More)
Although there has been agreement that brain injury often alters emotional functioning, there has been little agreement regarding the effects of lateralized brain injury on emotional status. The current study examined a fairly large sample of lateralized brain injured patients (N = 186) and compared scores on an objective self-report measure of personality(More)
The purpose of the study was to employ psychoeducational, neuropsychological, and sociobehavioral (Conners Rating Scale) variables in determining if definable subtypes exist within a diverse population of subjects with learning disabilities (LD) and documented brain damage. The sample of 95 subjects (27% female and 73% male) had been referred for(More)
This study sought to identify clusters or subtypes of children with learning disabilities (LD) and documented brain damage (BD) on the basis of a comprehensive neuropsychological battery. Sixty subjects, 24 with LD and 36 with BD, participated in the study. The standard scores for several measures from the Intermediate Battery of the Halstead-Reitan(More)
The current study examined the statistical adequacy of shortened versions (SF) of the Halstead Category Test (CT) through several multiple regression analyses (MRA), using a large sample (N = 1012) of neurologically- referred patients to allow for reasonable confidence in the reliability of the findings. The diagnostic accuracy of the psychometrically(More)
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