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A maximum-likelihood (ML) strategy for strain estimation is presented as a framework for designing and evaluating bioelasticity imaging systems. Concepts from continuum mechanics, signal analysis, and acoustic scattering are combined to develop a mathematical model of the ultrasonic waveforms used to form strain images. The model includes three-dimensional(More)
OBJECTIVES Outcome after surgery for rectal cancer is often correlated with surgical technique, without detailed pathological examination of the specimen. Measurement of the number of lymph nodes by a fat clearance technique, mesorectal spread and involvement of the circumferential margins together with clinical findings at operation are correlated with(More)
Over 11 000 new cases of rectal cancer are reported in the UK each year. Recent technical advances have increased interest in local management of the disease. The introduction of screening for colorectal cancer will potentially lead to an increased number of early rectal cancers suitable for local curative treatment. In addition, as the proportion of(More)
OBJECTIVE The repair of sphincter injuries following vaginal delivery is often inadequate. The purpose of this study was to assess the short-term impact of involving a colorectal team in the management of patients with complicated acute severe third-degree tears. PATIENTS AND METHODS Over a 1-year period, four women (age 29-31 years) with acute severe(More)
Wind tunnel measurements of the effects on twodimensional section characteristics of square ridge excrescences and of some gaps typical of those found round trailing-edge controls have been made at high subsonic Mach number and at Reynolds numbers up to 15.6 x 106, based on section chord length. The incremental drag due to a square ridge was found to be(More)
INTRODUCTION: Historically, treatments of cervical pathologies requiring surgical intervention have been concerned with preserving and restoring the neurologic function of afflicted spinal units. The advent of fixation implants, e.g., anterior cervical plates (ACP’s), has promoted anterior cervical decompression and fusion procedures. Additionally, these(More)
to shuffled controls (Fig. 4D and table S7). The above observations suggest a model in which tissue-regulated alternative splicing delimits the scope of tissues in which a kinase can phosphorylate a target. For example, the TJP1 protein mentioned above is a cytoplasmic constituent of the tight junction complex implicated in the timing of tight junction(More)
Airline delay costs are incurred both on the day of operations (tactical cost) and at the planning stage (strategic cost). The latter may take the form of buffer in schedules. Strategic and tactical costs are not independent. Passenger costs of delay to the airline, crew, fuel, maintenance and fleet costs are quantified. Cost trade-offs are presented as a(More)