K. Atilgan Toker

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Space Launcher Systems are used to place satellites and other space vehicles into Earth's orbit. Solid Rocket Motors and Liquid Rocket Engines have been implemented successfully in order to achieve the rigorous mission of lifting a payload against the force of gravity. New propulsion systems have been proposed in order to replace the conventional rocket(More)
High combustion temperatures and long operation durations require the use of cooling techniques in liquid propellant rocket engines. For high-pressure and high-thrust rocket engines with long operation times, regenerative cooling is the most preferred cooling method. In regenerative cooling, a coolant flows through passages formed either by constructing the(More)
This study investigates the ballistic design optimization of three-dimensional grains of solid rocket motors (SRMs). The geometric modeling and burnback analysis of grains are performed analytically by using basic geometries like cylinder, cone, prism, sphere, ellipsoid, and torus. For the internal ballistic analysis, a quasi-steady zero-dimensional flow(More)
This study is based on the work performed by the authors, in the research project funded by Turkish Ministry of Defense under the lead of the Turkish Air Force. The first aim is to develop a computer simulation model to simulate launch missions of small satellites up to medium Earth orbits. The second aim is to apply the model to a specific launch problem,(More)
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