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The enormous increase in practically unregulated mining in Madre de Dios Peru is leading to massive release of liquid elemental mercury to the environment. Rapidly increasing global prices for gold are causing a massive upsurge in artisanal mining in the Peruvian Amazon, considered to be one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. This study identifies(More)
Hypothermia is widely acknowledged to be the fundamental component of myocardial protection during cardiac operations. Although it prolongs the period of ischemic arrest by reducing oxygen demands, hypothermia is associated with a number of major disadvantages, including its detrimental effects on enzymatic function, energy generation, and cellular(More)
This paper presents the design of a cardiac tissue stabilizing device with fixating surgical arm, developed for open-heart cardiac surgery to stabilize anastomosis sites during off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting surgeries. The stabilization device is a “C”-shaped hollow ring that holds the heart using vacuum pressure. The arm is a seven link, 18-DOF,(More)
Previous models of right ventricular hypertrophy (RVH) created by pulmonary artery (PA) banding in adult large animals have been associated with an unpredictable response of the right ventricle to the band and a high mortality due to the variable degree of acute stenosis. We studied the efficacy of PA banding in young pigs to produce RVH by progressive(More)
We hypothesized that beta-adrenergic stimulation with isoproterenol during continuous normothermic cardioplegic arrest would enhance the regenerative and regulatory function of the myocardium, resulting in improved cardiac function. We studied isolated rabbit hearts paced at approximately 200 beats per minute (bpm) and perfused by a support rabbit. We(More)
Hypertrophied right ventricle presents a sensitive state that may not be adequately protected by modern cardioplegic methods. Cardiac metabolism, performance, and ultrastructure were measured in response to 1 hour of cardioplegic arrest in 15 pigs with right ventricular hypertrophy using intermittent hypothermic crystalloid, blood, and Flusol DA 20%-based(More)
C. Abbadie L. Abbott T. Abel A. Abeliovich D. Abrous J. Acharya J. Adelman R. Adolphs J. Aggleton E. Ahissar C. Aizenman D. Alais T. Albright R. Aldrich R. Allada J. Allman W. Almers J. Alonso A. Alvarez-Buylla R. Andersen D. Anderson S. Anderson D. Angelaki D. Ansari E. Anton A. Araque S. Arber A. Arnsten V. Arshavsky P. Ascher F. Ashcroft J. Ashe K. Ashe(More)
In order to examine the role of respiratory oscillation of PaCO2 (CO2 oscillation) in the control of respiration, we performed veno-venous bypass using a membrane lung in 10 anesthetized paralyzed dogs, where the dog was put on fixed mechanical ventilation so that we could keep average PaCO2 and PaO2 constant by adjusting FICO2 and FIO2 during CO2(More)
S. Aaronson C. Abate-Shen A. Abbas R. Abraham J. Abrams D. Accili O. Acuto J. Adams A. Aderem M. Affolter R. Agami A. Aguilera K. Ahmad R. Ahmed N. Ahn J. Ahringer C. Akey S. Akira E. Alani C. Alberini A. Alberts V. Allan C. Allis R. Allshire W. Almers G. Almouzni D. Alnemri F. Alt F. Althaus R. Amasino B. Amati V. Ambros A. Amon D. Anderson K. Anderson B.(More)
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