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Rainfall forecasting plays many important role in water resources studies such as river training works and design of flood warning systems. Recent advancement in artificial intelligence and in particular techniques aimed at converting input to output for highly nonlinear, non-convex and dimensionalized processes such as rainfall field, provide an(More)
Daily Weather forecasting is used for multiple reasons in multiple areas like agriculture, energy supply, transportations, etc. Accuracy of weather conditions shown in forecast reports is very necessary. In this paper, the review is conducted to investigate a better approach for forecasting which compares many techniques such as Artificial Neural Network,(More)
A new selective probe based on copper complex of Indigo Carmine (IC-Cu2) for colorimetric, naked-eye, and fluorimetric recognition of mono hydrogen phosphate (MHP) ion in H2O/DMSO (4:1v/v, 1.0mmolL-1 HEPES buffer solution pH7.5) was developed. Detection limit of HPO42- determination, achieved by fluorimetric and 3lorimetric method, are 0.071 and(More)
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