K. Arun Prasad

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Tumour suppressor p53, the most frequently altered gene among human cancers, is known to function by modifying gene transcription. Transcriptional regulatory activity of p53 has been established using transfected cell culture models and in vitro systems. Here, we report the characterisation of transcriptional function of an endogenous mutant p53(More)
The MDA-468 human breast cancer cell line displays the unusual phenomenon of growth inhibition in response to pharmacological concentrations of EGF. This study was initiated with the objective of elucidating the cellular mechanisms involved in EGF-induced growth inhibition. Following EGF treatment the percentage of MDA-468 cells in G1 phase increased,(More)
EGF, in pharmacological concentrations, inhibits cell proliferation of the MDA-468 human breast cancer cell line. Previously, we have demonstrated that this was characterized by a reversible cell cycle arrest at the G1-S boundary, concomitant with downregulation of mRNA levels for p53 (a point mutant, p53(273.His)). Since p53(273.His) is regarded as a(More)
Realizing the color graphics performance of the HP DeskJet 1200C printer required simultaneous optimization of many interacting parameters of the ink and the architecture to deliver significant improvements in print quality, color gamut, throughput, and cost per copy. The HP DeskJet 1200C printer is a 300-dpi, plain paper printer that provides vivid,(More)
Mangroves are salt tolerant trees or shrubs commonly seen in mudflats of intertidal regions of tropical and subtropical coastlines. Recent advances in field spectroscopic techniques enabled the species level discrimination among closely related vegetation types. In this study we have analysed the laboratory spectroscopy data collected from eight species of(More)
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