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The major challenge in medical field is to diagnose disorder rather than a disease. In this paper, a neuro fuzzy based model is designed for identification or diagnosis of autism. The problematic areas are gathered from every individual and the related linguistic inputs are converted into fuzzy input values which are in turn given as input to feed forward(More)
Two hundred and eighteen bacterial isolates obtained from various clinical samples were subjected to Gram stain by conventional method. For all the isolates potassium hydroxide (KOH) string test and sensitivity to vancomycin were done. Gram positive bacteria showed 100% sensitivity to vancomycin as also 100% negativity for string test. Of the gram negative(More)
In recent years, Soft computing techniques have been researched and implemented in various domains. These methodologies which include Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) are similar to the human reasoning approach and effectively applied in a variety of application domains. These techniques learn from experimental data and deals with the uncertain values and(More)
In day today emerging trends utility services, cloud and green computations are playing the major task. The Utilities based paradigm provides many services for general public and other business activities. In the middle end cloud plays the vital role in shifting towards computational paradigm and pays way for users to utilize the resources anywhere at any(More)
The advances in mobile and communication technologies lead to advancement of Mobile Social Networks (MSNs). MSN changed the way people communicate and exchange the private and sensitive information among the friend groups via mobile phones. Due to the involvement of private and sensitive information, MSN demands for efficient and privacy-preserving(More)
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