K. Anil Kumar

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15(S)-Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid [15(S)-HETE] and 15(S)-hydroperoxyeicosatetraenoic acid [15(S)-HPETE] are the products of arachidonic acid formed in the 15-lipoxygenase pathway. They have opposing effects on the inflammatory process. The present study was designed to examine the role of these metabolites on angiogenesis, which is critically associated(More)
Thin layer chromatography of aqueous extract of whole Cheilanthesfarinosa fern indicated the presence of ptaquiloside or ptaquiloside like compound, coinciding Rf values with that of Pterosin B standard. HPLC analysis revealed the presence of 26.3 mg/kg ptaquiloside. In vitro studies of the aqueous extract on lymphocyte culture revealed a correlation(More)
The tribal population in the State of Andhra Pradesh, and in the country as a whole, is the most deprived and vulnerable community that faces severe economic exclusion. Although certain constitutional safeguards are provided, no significant economic, social and political mobility has taken place across this community. Contrary to Scheduled Castes and other(More)
The errors caused in the wireless communication channel are very important to identify and rectify. Viterbi Decoder is very commonly implemented technique among the various error detection and correction (EDAC) techniques. A high data-rate convolutional code suffers from decrease in the performance of bit-error-rate due to inherent drifting error between(More)
Purpose – To propose a conceptual paradigm for unifying concepts of material, living and spiritual nature, based on the natural philosophy of Gregory Bateson and the more formal relational theories of Robert Rosen. Design/methodology/approach – The paper combines Bateson’s natural philosophy with the relational meta-theory of Robert Rosen to develop the(More)
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