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Switched Ethernets are increasingly being used in industrial applications such as the control of conveyor systems and the synchronization of axles in complex machinery. The timely delivery of control messages is a central concern in these applications. We show how a queueing model was used to predict traffic flow and delay in the control networks of a(More)
Permanent Split Capacitor motors are widely used in HVAC fan and pump applications less than 5 hp. These motors operate at efficiencies from 20% to 65%. These efficiencies can be increased if the motor is operated from a variable-frequency, variable voltage supply. However, application of power electronic controllers to realize the benefits of variable(More)
The use of partial response maximum likelihood (PRML) sequence detection to recover data from magnetic media in the presence of intersymbol interference (ISI) was proposed as early as 197 1 [l]. The advent of fine-line fabrication technologies has enabled the realization of this proposal in integrated form [2]. This paper presents the results of an effort(More)
Modern read/write channels employ discrete-time signal processing techniques to process the signal from the read head. Such systems usually rely on a variable frequency oscillator (VFO) to synchronously sample the data. This read/write channel uses an all-digital PLL (DPLL) to perform timing recovery. The DPLL eliminates the VFO, thus removing the(More)
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