K. Amaratunga

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This letter describes an algorithm for systematically finding a multiplierless approximation of transforms by replacing floating-point multipliers with VLSI-friendly binary coefficients of the form k/2/sup n/. Assuming the cost of hardware binary shifters is negligible, the total number of binary adders employed to approximate the transform can be regarded(More)
The paper studies how regularity of a desired degree can be imposed onto the dyadic-based building blocks of a class of M-channel (M /spl ges/ 2) causal biorthogonal filter banks (BOFBs) having anti-causal inverses, without necessarily constraining the phase responses of the filters. Structural conditions for regularity are derived in terms of the elements(More)
In this paper, we present the structural conditions for imposing regularity onto first-order unimodular filter banks (a.k.a. lapped unimodular transforms, LUT). For this purpose, we propose to parameterize non-singular matrices using a special lattice structure by which rational-coefficient unimodular filter banks can readily be designed. We consider two(More)
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