K. Alex Mills

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BACKGROUND Interest in the prevention of osteoporosis is increasing and thus there is a need for an acceptable osteoporosis prevention programme in general practice. AIM A study was undertaken to identify a cohort of middle-aged women attending a general practice who would be eligible for a longitudinal study looking at bone mineral density, osteoporosis(More)
About 5% of all National Health Service prescriptions in Britain and a quarter of reports of suspected adverse reactions are accounted for by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Their prescription was investigated in two computerised group practices serving 11850 patients. Altogether 198 patients receiving repeat prescriptions of non-steroidal(More)
The use that 30 general practitioners in four group practices made of open access laboratory and radiological facilities was studied for one year. We were particularly interested in whether general practitioners hoped to exclude rather than confirm abnormality when requesting investigations. All but two of the general practitioners studied used(More)
A questionnaire returned by 250 (71.4%) of the 350 general practices in Northern Ireland indicated that although only 34 practices had special arrangements for seeing their diabetic patients, 178 practices stated that they would like to be more involved in the care of their non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) patients. One hundred and eight(More)
An important first step when deploying a wireless ad hoc network is neighbor discovery in which every node attempts to determine the set of nodes it can communicate within one wireless hop. In the recent years, cognitive radio (CR) technology has gained attention as an attractive approach to alleviate spectrum congestion. A cognitive radio transceiver can(More)
A new model of causal failure is presented and used to solve a novel replica placement problem in data centers. The model describes dependencies among system components as a directed graph. A replica placement is defined as a subset of vertices in such a graph. A criterion for optimizing replica placements is formalized and explained. In this work, the(More)