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Chaotic signals have been proposed as broadband information carriers with the potential of providing a high level of robustness and privacy in data transmission. Laboratory demonstrations of chaos-based optical communications have already shown the potential of this technology, but a field experiment using commercial optical networks has not been undertaken(More)
The performance of a master-slave connguration for eeecting the synchronization of chaotic VCSELs is studied using numerical simulations. The dynamical evolution of optically coupled VCSELs is examined using a travelling wave model which is valid in the strong optical feedback regime. It is shown that the proposed connguration is capable of eeecting(More)
| An analysis is performed of the eeects of strong optical feedback on the characteristics of single-transverse mode VCSELs. Consideration is given to the cases of short (1.5 cm) and long (15 cm) external cavities. When the laser is operated well above threshold in a short external cavity with high reeectivity, a strong dependence on the accumulated(More)
We study numerically the response of a semiconductor laser to a small current modulation added to the dc-bias current. The laser is subjected to either optical feedback from an external reflector or optical injection from another laser. We characterize the nonlinear amplification near the Hopf bifurcation leading to the onset of undamped relaxation(More)
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