K. Al-Shaqsi

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Several countries in the Middle East and around 22 countries worldwide have reported cases of human infection with the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). The exceptionally high fatality rate resulting from MERS-CoV infection in conjunction with the paucity of knowledge about this emerging virus has led to major public and international(More)
A sufficient coefficient of this class is determined. It is shown that this coefficient bound is also necessary for the classM –– H n, λ, α if fn z h –– gn∈ MH n, λ, α , where h z z− ∑∞ k 2|ak|z, gn z −1 n ∑∞ k 1|bk|z and n ∈ N0. Coefficient conditions, such as distortion bounds, convolution conditions, convex combination, extreme points, and neighborhood(More)
Recommended by Brigitte Forster-Heinlein For λ > −1 and μ ≥ 0, we consider a liner operator I μ λ on the class A of analytic functions in the unit disk defined by the convolution f μ −1 * fz, where f μ 1 − μz 2 F 1 a, b, c; z μzz 2 F 1 a, b, c; z , and introduce a certain new subclass of A using this operator. Several interesting properties of these classes(More)
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