K. A. Unnikrishna Menon

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Coal continues to be mined in over 50 countries. Coal accounts for approximately 64% of India's electricity. Spontaneous explosions in the coal mines are one of the most common accidents. The main cause for mine explosions is the presence of toxic methane gas in an environment with insufficient oxygen. Gas detection is crucial for explosion prediction.(More)
Wireless communication systems play an increasingly integral role in society. Currently underground sensor networks are used in many applications for security purposes, environmental applications, infrastructure maintenance etc. The major problem, associated with sensor networks, is in providing the power supply to enable the networks to work for long(More)
Sleep disorders are exponentially growing with current statistics as approximately 1 in 6 or 40 million people in USA. This alarming state has to be controlled in its early stage, to achieve physical and mental wellbeing of human beings, contributing to the peace and welfare of whole world. Current sleep monitoring facilities uses dedicated sleep labs at(More)
Water is an important natural resource which needs constant quality monitoring for ensuring its safe use. This paper introduces a river water quality monitoring system based on wireless sensor network which helps in continuous and remote monitoring of the water quality data in India. The wireless sensor node in the system is designed for monitoring the pH(More)
This paper proposes the design of a system that enables the severely disabled to communicate using their EOG, EMG and EEG signals. The typical approach is to modify the end devices to interpret these signals and to function accordingly [2-5]. But our system proposes an Interpreter System within which these signals are decoded and interfaced with the(More)
Designing portable wireless devices for the continuous monitoring of EEG signals, in patients, requires attention to high precision, fast response times, extensive battery life, increased memory, and connectivity. These design factors have been confronted, solutions offered and a comprehensive, reliable and accurate system to wirelessly monitor EEG signals(More)
Lung infections and lung diseases are common and can be potentially deadly. Hence preventing lung diseases is more mandatory than curing them. Specialist doctors are less available in rural areas compared to urban areas. Thus it has become necessary to develop some method by which people in remote areas can be monitored by specialist doctors who might be(More)
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