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A coverage evaluation survey of the campaign for mass Pulse Polio Immunization (PPI) on 9th December, 1995 and 20th January, 1996 in Delhi was carried out using the modified cluster sampling technique and a pre-structured proforma. Six-hundred-and-nine children of under-3 age group were covered in the survey. Overall coverage for both the doses was found to(More)
The Langmuir monolayer of cholesterol at the air-water interface exhibits a condensed phase in which the cholesterol molecules are aligned normal to the water surface. We have transferred the monolayer from water surface to different substrates by Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) technique and have studied their assembly by atomic force microscope (AFM). Our studies(More)
Langmuir films at the air-water interface exhibit a variety of surface phases which arise primarily due to the molecular interaction governed by intermolecular separation. We have studied the thermodynamical aspects of Langmuir monolayers of amphiphilic functionalized gold nanoparticles (AGNs) at the air-water (A-W) interface. Interestingly, the AGN(More)
We have synthesized a novel mesogenic azobenzene molecule and studied its monolayer film properties at air-water interface (Langmuir film) and air-solid interface (Langmuir-Blodgett film). The material, H-shaped dimer bis[5-(4'-n-dodecyloxy benzoyloxy)-2-(4''-methylphenylazo)phenyl] adipate (12D1H) exhibits a smectic C phase between 51 and 48 degrees C on(More)
We have studied the electrical conductivity in monolayer films of an ionic disk-shaped liquid-crystal molecule, pyridinium tethered with hexaalkoxytriphenylene (PyTp), and its complex with DNA by current-sensing atomic force microscopy (CS-AFM). The pure PyTp and PyTp-DNA complex monolayer films were first formed at the air-water interface and then(More)
To understand the self-assembly and molecular packing in cholesteryl esters relevant to biological processes, we have studied them at the air-water and air-solid interfaces. Our phase and thickness studies employing imaging ellipsometry and atomic force microscopy along with surface manometry show that the molecular packing of cholesteryl esters at(More)
Octadecanethiol (ODT) is known to form self-assembled monolayer on noble metal surfaces which has potential technological applications. Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) technique is another useful method of obtaining highly ordered assembly of molecules. It is of interest to find whether ODT molecules can also form a stable Langmuir monolayer which facilitates the(More)
Discotic molecules are known to form highly anisotropic structures at the air-water (A-W) interface. We have studied two novel ionic discotic mesogenic molecules, viz., pyridinium tethered with hexaalkoxytriphenylene with bromide counterion (Py-Tp) and imidazolium tethered with hexaalkoxytriphenylene with bromide counterion (Im-Tp) at A-W and air-solid(More)
We have studied films of an ionic discogenic (discotic mesogenic) molecule (pyridinium salt tethered with hexaalkoxytriphenylene (PyTp)) and DNA complex at air-water (A-W) and air-solid interfaces. We have formed an PyTp monolayer on an aqueous subphase containing a small amount of DNA to obtain a PyTp-DNA complex at the A-W interface. Compared to the pure(More)
We have studied the mechanical properties of films of a novel ionic discogen, pyridinium tethered with hexaalkoxytriphenylene (PyTp) and its complex with DNA (PyTp-DNA) using atomic force microscope (AFM). The PyTp and PyTp-DNA complex monolayer films were first formed at air-water interface and then transferred onto silicon substrates by Langmuir-Blodgett(More)